Meet The Team

The Denton Family

The Denton family, along with the Fly family, are the co-owners of Healthy Homes Services. Will and Megan Denton live in the Lakewood area of east Dallas with their three little boys William, Wyatt, and Charlie. Will works for the Joe Fly Company as their Dallas branch manager and regional sales manager. Megan is a realtor with Local Life Realty and also works for Healthy Homes. The Denton family loves their yearly trips to Colorado and they especially love to be outside with their boys watching them play baseball, soccer, football, and basketball.

Healthy Homes is a family business. One of the main reasons Healthy Homes is so important to the Denton family is because they care about their home and want their children to grow up in a healthy environment. They look forward to growing this wonderful business and sharing it with their neighbors and friends!

The Fly Family

The Fly family are co-owners of Healthy Homes Services with the Denton family. Trey and Alison Fly live in beautiful Austin, Texas with their son, Ford. Alison has been working in commercial surface disinfection for a year and has seen firsthand the impact it has had on organizations and communities. Trey is the president and third-generation owner of Joe W. Fly Co., Inc., the largest distributor of commercial and industrial HVAC filters in Texas. He is passionate about improving the health of the environments in which we live and work.

Trey and Alison believe it is incredibly important to create an optimal home environment for your family. Although it may be impossible to control all the environments we are in throughout the day, we can control what your family comes home to. We want to work with you family to create the best home environment possible.