Healthy Homes Services is here to help families have the healthiest home environment possible. Your home is where you spend most of your time and we want you to rest assured that your home is as healthy as possible.  

Our goal is to make sure your home is germ free with clean air to breathe and pure water to drink. We do this by sanitizing surfaces with advanced electrostatic technology. We utilize commercial grade air filters to improve your indoor air quality and high purity water filters to eliminate contaminants in your water. We provide a healthier environment in your home so that you can focus on living a healthy life and spending quality time with your family.   

Who Needs This Service?


Families of all sizes, in all stages of life who want a disinfected home, clean air to breathe, and pure water to drink. 

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

Eliminate indoor mold and allergens during allergy seasons. Asthma patients will also find relief in disinfected home. 

New Parents

Disinfect  before you bring home a new baby or after out-of-town guests visit.

Caretakers & The Elderly

Disinfect a home for the elderly, after  surgery or chemotherapy, and reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.

Home Renovators

Complete the final deep clean after your construction has finished.

Pet Owners

Remove unpleasant odors left by the furriest member of the family. 

Get A Free Quote

To get a free quote, or to learn more about Healthy Homes Services, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to making your home a healthy home.

Please include the square footage of your house, air filter sizes, and number of air filters in your home in the message field.